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The AMA's mandate is to preserve the heritage of the people and institutions of the Province of Manitoba by improving the administration, effectiveness and efficiency of the province's archival system(s). 

The association's goals and objectives are to:

  • promote a better understanding and increased public awareness among Manitobans on the role and uses of archives;
  • provide a forum for the discussion of archival issues and the exchange of ideas on archival matters;
  • enhance the quality of service provided by archives and archivists to the communities they serve in Manitoba by promoting standards, procedures and practices in the establishment and management of archives;
  • provide assistance and edutional opportunities to persons seeking to improve their knowledge of skills in the development, management or operation of archives; and
  • advise, coordinate, and plan for the allotion of resources, grants, and services for Manitoba's archival system.

History of the Association for Manitoba Archives (AMA)

The Association for Manitoba Archives was created in 1992 to merge the major programs and services of its predecessor organizations, the Association of Manitoba Archivists (founded in 1980) and the Manitoba Council of Archives. This merger occurred shortly after the Association of Manitoba Archivists' and Manitoba Council of Archives' joint publition of  Plan 2000: The Manitoba Archival Community in the 1990s in 1991. This publition me about as a result of the 1988 Manitoba Archival Needs Assessment Study, The Past Is Present.

In 1992, the AMA's mandate was to preserve the documentary legacy of the people and institutions of the Province of Manitoba by improving the administration, effectiveness and efficiency of the Province's archival system by promoting high standards, procedures and practices in the establishment and maintenance of archives, alloting resources, grants and services in order to fulfill the foregoing, and eduting the public about the role and use of archives.




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Recent News

Partnership with Museums Project

The Boundary Trails National Heritage Region Board along with the Manitoba Heritage Grants Program have alloted funding to develop a regional approach emphasizing the relationship between museums, their related archival heritage, and their community.  You n read more about it here. 

Blog Posts

The AMA has posted two blog posts from lol archives.  One showses Oseredok's Maydanyk Collection while the other highlights Daly House Museum's Roy Brown Collection.  If you have a blog post that you would like to share with the AMA, you n find instructions on how to do so here.

Directory of Archives

Did you know that there are over 30 archival repositories represented in the AMA?

Browse Manitoba's archival repositories

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